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Thunderbolt V-600 Boards

The 6U VME Thunderbolt boards provide optimal performance and reliability. The Thunderbolt V-600, configured with one Compute Module of four MPC7410 processors, provides 16 GFLOPS of computational performance per 6U VME slot. Data is transferred throughout the Thunderbolt over the SKYchannel Packet Bus. Data moves transparently through the SKYchannel P2 interface to other boards in a SKYchannel chassis.

The new Thunderbolt family of embedded computers is 100 % compatible with the SKYbolt® family of products. Customers can easily upgrade to the new Thunderbolt family without re-writing their applications.

Thunderbolt Features

  • 16 GFLOPS/slot
  • 16 MB Flash RAM
  • 2 MB of 250 MHz backside L2 cache
  • 2 GB/sec L2 cache
  • 1 GB/sec memory bandwidth per processor
  • 1 GB/sec inter-processor communication
  • High performance with superior reliability
  • 320 MB/sec SKYchannel
  • Software Standards: VSIPL, MPI
  • SKYvec compilers automatically optimize, strip-mine, and vectorize
  • Standard Math Library automatically calls hand-coded vector and low-level functions
  • All hardware interfaces are open standards: VME64, SKYchannel, FPDP
Complete Application Solutions

SKY delivers fully integrated subsystems built from commercial-off-the-shelf components, but designed specifically for your application. SKY configures the rugged chassis, CPU boards, standard interconnect fabrics, high performance multiprocessor boards, compilers, middleware, and software development tools, as well as the storage and peripherals, as the total solution configured for your application - complete, tested, and ready to run.

Thunderbolt V-600
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