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SKYvec: Accelerates Software Development

SKYvec tools make the programming challenge easier. Standards-based, flexible, and scalable facilities result in faster application development and validation. A sophisticated event analyzer enables multi-process performance monitoring and analysis. Standard Math Library (SML), and Vector Signal, and Image Processing (VSIPL) library provide easy-to-use, high-level vector functions that are architecture independent. The full implementation of industry standards, innovative tools, and guaranteed portability are the result of SKY's pioneering excellence in software.

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SKYvec: Accelerating Software Development

The SKYvec software development tools simplify code development for large multiprocessor systems by automating many of the processes which otherwise would have to be designed or managed by the programmer. SKYvec eliminates the need for complex and costly software migration and extensive training classes by making development easier than ever before. Depending upon the complexity of the application the software development effort can be reduced 30-50% using the standard SKYvec API. And future technology insertions will only require a simple recompile and run, virtually eliminating recoding efforts. Imagine the impact on software efforts across the lifecycle of your program and the financial payback that will be realized.

The SKYvec Software Development Environment is a robust toolkit including OS, compilers, vector/image processing and math libraries, and unique facilities such as event analyzers and debuggers that provide high performance, portability and ease of use. Building on industry standards, SKY has pioneered the use of intelligent compilers and libraries that stripmine and vectorize application code to automatically optimize performance.

SKYvec chains across vector functions, optimizing between functions, not just inside of them. This applies to hand-vectorized code as well as to scalar C code, optimizing and vectorizing globally, not just locally for each function. The result is that the application code takes maximum advantage of the hardware architecture and runs at the highest level of efficiency and performance available with little or no hand coding.

SKY Computers has reduced the learning curve and the time to develop application code by simplifying and automating low-level optimizations and tasks. SKYvec provides a suite of development tools that simplify the programming effort without compromising performance. Sophisticated porting and development tools virtually eliminate complex tasks and training. Thunderbolt systems make full use of SKYvec including intelligent compiler technology that automatically optimizes and vectorizes application code. The SKY Standard Math Library (SML)  contains hundreds of math, image, and signal processing functions. SKY/VSIPL simplifies multiprocessor development and ensures portability across platforms. The TimeTrac™ Multiprocessor Event Analyzer provides insight into the dynamic interactions between processors for multiprocessor optimization and debugging. With full MPI support, the complexity of multiprocessor implementation is reduced. SKY provides portability while simplifying the complexities of creating high performance multiprocessor code.

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