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Smart Systems

SKY's SMART systems architecture is the industry's first embedded systems architecture that is based on proven, open standards, and designed to provide advanced features required by today's embedded systems users. It is optimized for data-intensive signal and image processing applications and structured to allow developers to quickly and easily implement applications.

The SMART systems architecture is developed around open, standard technologies such as Linux, InfiniBand™, MPI, VSIPL and Corba. Through the support of well-know development tools and libraries, customers can reduce development time and shorten time-to-deployment. This approach also provides customers the flexibility to operate within a heterogeneous computing environment.

Additionally, this architecture is designed to deliver the advanced functionality required in today's demanding embedded computing environments. The architecture is intelligent enough to dynamically adapt to changes caused by failures or resource additions, secure enough to guarantee data communications integrity, manageable enough to insure a tight relationship between the system and the application or operator.

SKY's SMART systems architecture is an advanced standards-based architecture that delivers the highest levels of reliability, availability, scalability and resilience required to deploy mission-critical applications into embedded environments.

SMARTpac Systems Family: Performance Meets Resiliency

The SMARTpac 600 and the SMARTpac 1200 are designed as complementary systems. The SMARTpac 600 is an ideal solution for processing an application's front-end data acquisition needs, while the SMARTpac 1200 provides the back-end computational horsepower for computationally intensive signal processing and image analysis. The 19" rack mountable SMARTpac systems utilize the InfiniBand™ interconnect throughout the system yielding high bandwidth, low latency and secure data communications.


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