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Thunderbolt Compute Module

The Thunderbolt compute module capitalizes on the AltiVec-based 500 MHz MPC7410 PowerPCs by supporting high-speed processing with high-speed memory and communication. SKY has implemented the level 2 cache in the processor to provide developers with both high performance compute and the I/O power to maximize total computational throughput. The Thunderbolt compute module uses four MPC7410 PowerPC processors to provide up to 16 GFLOPS of performance. Each processor has its own local bank of 256 or 512 MB of SDRAM that is accessed over the processor's 125 MHz local memory bus at 1 GB/sec. The memory of other processors on the module can also be accessed over the 1 GB/sec local bus. Memory on other modules is accessible through the 320 MB/sec SKYchannel interface.

Compute Module Features

  • Four MPC7410s provide 16 GFLOPS per module
  • 256 or 512 MB SDRAM per processor
  • 125 MHz local memory bus
  • 1 GB/sec local bus
  • Latest technologies provide high temperature tolerances
Compute Module

Thunderbolt Compute Module Specifications

Performance 16 GFLOPS per module (peak)
Processors 4 MPC7410 processors per module
Clock Frequency 500 MHz
L1 Cache 32k instruction, 32k data
L2 Cache 2 MB Backside, 64-bits wide @ 250 MHz
Floating Point Unit IEEE 754 single- and scalar
Fixed Point Units Dual 32-bit Integer Units
Vector Instructions Full 128 bit AltiVec implementation 8, 16, 32 bit integer, single -precision floating point
Memory 256 or 512 MB SDRAM per processor, 64-bits wide @ 125 MHz
Module Interface SKYchannel Packet Bus (ANSI/VITA 10-1995)

For a more complete information on Thunderbolt see the Thunderbolt brochure


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