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SKYbolt 9U System

SKY Computers has created a series of affordable, fully configured and ready-to-run Thunderbolt-based SKYsystems. These SKYsystems offer developers a fast, easy entry into SKY's powerful multicomputing systems.

Each SKYsystem includes a fully integrated 9U VME chassis, G4 MPC7410-based SKYbolt II 9U board(s), a slot one card, graphics card, the powerful SKYvec development software, and complete software license. The SKYsystem 912-1TB is fully configured and includes one SKYrbolt II 9U. The SKYsystem 912-2TB is fully configured and includes two SKYbolt II 9Us, up to six more SKYbolt II 9U boards can be added.

SKYsystem 912-1TB SKYsystem 912-2TB
12 slot rack mountable 9U VME chassis 12 slot rack mountable 9U VME chassis
SKYbolt II 9U with four Merlin compute module (2) SKYbolt II 9U with four Merlin compute modules
Force Slot 1 card Force Slot 1 card
Graphics card Graphics card
Solaris OS Solaris OS
SKYvec C/C++ Development Kit SKYvec C/C++ Development Kit
8 Slot SKYchannel overlay
Additional SKYbolt II 9Us (1-6)

Scalable Real World Solutions

The high-performance, scalable family of SKYsystems allows you to configure processing power, memory and I/O to meet your unique requirements. SKYvec software tools are compatible across the product line. For maximum performance and cost efficiency, compute modules can be configured with ultra high performance I/O daughtercards to uniquely configure the solution that meets your most demanding requirements. SKYchannel provides the overall enabling technology to match compute power with I/O performance to deliver a balanced system.

Software development in a multiprocessing environment can be one of the biggest challenges in designing systems using commercial-off-the-shelf products. With the standards-based SKYvec Development Environment, programmers can automatically take advantage of the most advanced tools to maximize performance of multi-processor architectures. Embedded facilities such as the Standard Math Library simplify programming and accelerate time to solution. Advanced software tools ensure that you get the maximum performance from your system while using a familiar graphical programming environment.

SKY provides configuration and system design expertise to build the optimum solution to meet your needs today and plan for expansion in the future.

SKYsystems Deliver
  • High performance using minimal space and power at minimal cost
  • Software development tools optimize performance and accelerate time to solution
  • System interconnect with high bisectional bandwidth that scales with the number of processors
  • Flexible I/O capabilities such as FibreChannel, HIPPI, and FPDP, for high-bandwidth data input and output
Complete Application Solutions

SKY delivers fully integrated subsystems built from commercial-off-the-shelf components, but designed specifically for your application. SKY configures the rugged chassis, CPU boards, standard interconnect fabrics, high performance multiprocessor boards, compilers, middleware, and software development tools, as well as the storage and peripherals, as the total solution configured for your application - complete, tested, and ready to run.

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