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A Vector and Parallel Library for Image and Signal Processing

SKY's Standard Math Library (SML) employs intelligent software technology to achieve transparent portability, ease-of-use, and performance in a library of math, image, and signal processing functions. Developers no longer have to choose between developing code optimized for performance or developing for portability. The advanced functionality of the SML provides SKY customers with truly portable high performance code.

SML achieves performance and portability through a unique two-level architecture. All the functions that require information specific to a processor or an architecture are collected in a low-level library. Access to those high performance functions is provided by a portable high-level interface that is both processor independent and architecture independent. A single high-level function call in the application automatically utilizes one of several low-level variations of that function: cache source, cache destination, or cache both; single or double precision. At compile time SKY's intelligent compiler technology chooses the function based upon context or responding to compiler switches. The integrity and portability of the source code are maintained and the developer is freed from tracking the low-level detail. Beyond ease-of-use, this enables software reuse, leveraging today's software investment for tomorrow.

SKY's SML eliminates the painstaking, time-consuming process of optimizing an application by combining a high-level interface for ease-of-use and portability, and a low-level library for ultimate performance. The result is a significant advantage in reduced time-to-deployment and overall software life-cycle costs.

Standard Math Library Timings

SKY provides timing reports for Merlin. Timings are based upon the utilization of one of the four 500 MHz MPC7410 PowerPC processors on Merlin. Following are sample timings, for the complete list of special timings including 1 and 2D FFTs, FIR filters, and matrix functions contact your SKY representative or email us directly.

Function Size Timing in us (single processor)
cvffts_sp 1024 19
cdotus_sp 1024 3.5
rfir_sp 1024x64 42 decimation 1
dotpr_sp 1024 1.3
vdiv_sp 1024 2.9


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