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Rugged VME Systems

SKY Computers has teamed with Spraycool Inc. to configure liquid cooled rugged systems.  SprayCool® enclosures are designed to provide a conditioned and controlled environment for COTS electronics under the most difficult use cases in the most compact, lightest weight package. Whether it is at -65C and 70,000 feet above sea level or +65C at sea level, SprayCool products allow SKY commercial grade electronics to operate within OEM specifications.

Combined with reduced system cost due to lower priced commercial grade electronics, the total cost of ownership is much less than high cost conduction cooled products.

SKY's experienced systems integration team will integrate processor boards from the LightningBolt family or the Thunderbolt family into complete and fully tested rugged systems manufactured by Spraycool. A variety of custom chassis as well as options for host cards and third party boards (A/D, PMC, I/O) are available. SKY's VME line of products utilizes SKYchannel as the interconnect for the LightningBolt and Thunderbolt families of high performance embedded computers.

Hostless and self-boot functions are are available on both families of SKY boards.

Preconfigured VME systems are available in the 6U form factors and in a variety of chassis sizes, from 4 slots to 21 slots to fit varying price ranges and application needs. Each SKYsystem chassis has been tested for power and cooling requirements for the maximum number of processor boards.

 Custom system integration services may include integration and testing of specialty hardware and custom software engineering.

Scalable: 4-21 slots for 6U x 160mm VME,
 Configurable I/O panel, power supply
 Alt: -1500ft up to 70,000+ ft
 Temp -65° C to +71° C

                          Rugged Chassis


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