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For more than 25 years, SKY Computers has provided advanced COTS solutions for the most demanding defense/military programs. SKY's COTS solutions begins with development systems for benign environments, migrates to rugged systems for deployment, and extends to co-development or licensing solutions designed to fit specific mission applications. Application software moves seamlessly from development to deployment. In military establishments all over the world, systems integrators realize the benefits of quick application implementation, as well as reduced costs and risk. SKY's multiprocessing technology lies at the heart of many advanced C4ISR systems, including surface ship multi-function radars and target-acquisition systems, undersea warfare systems, airborne surveillance/reconnaissance systems, ground-based radars and more.

  SKY Systems have been used develop new radar processor systems or for upgrading current radar systems.

With six generations of products that seamlessly migrate to their latest versions with little more that an application recompile, SKY has moved several radar applications to our latest product lines. This flexibility may also be seen in SKY Computers' various ruggedization levels for COTS systems and SKY's ability to address the evolving requirements of embedded computing, refining, extending, and modifying products as specified by COTS customers.

SKY Systems have been used to develop new processor systems  and for upgrading current Communications and Command & Control systems.

Keeping up with the rapid changes in technology advancements is a SKY Engineering Life style.  The SKY systems architecture is developed around open, standard technologies such as Linux, InfiniBand™, MPI, VSIPL and Corba. Through the support of well-know development tools and libraries, customers can reduce development time and shorten time-to-deployment.

What our Customers Say:

"The selection of SKY Computers represents consensus between DARPA, CECOM, AFRL and Lockheed Martin to use SKYchannel as the base technology for the FOPEN Program. To gain this kind of broad support, SKY had to demonstrate hands down that the scalability of their architecture and the interprocessor communications speed were superior to any other available or pending solutions."
- Lockheed Martin, Goodyear, AZ

"The advanced technology in SKY computer systems fully supports the high capacity, low latency requirements of real time signal processing. The company has a clearly defined approach to its products that enables confident development on today's products with portability to tomorrow's."
- From QinetiQ literature


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