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Industrial Inspection

SKY Computers is an OEM-centric engineering company that builds high-performance embedded servers for mission-critical applications such as industrial inspection, homeland security, navtronics, petroleum exploration and medical imaging. SKY Computers has a quarter-century history of solving problems in mission-critical real-time applications by working closely with OEMs. SKY's image processing experts frequently map the customer's algorithmic requirements onto a high-performance multiprocessing architecture, delivering highly optimized algorithms that are specifically tuned to application needs. Carefully tuned algorithm mappings provide the ultimate in system optimization.

SKY offers complete image processing and analysis systems for integration with OEM imaging systems on the factory floor including semiconductor manufacturing defect detection. These turnkey imaging solutions are ready to go onto the fabrication floor. The systems are fully certified to UL, CE, SEMI, and all other relevant standards by a nationally recognized testing lab. SKY designs and develops the unique data acquisition server interfaces that tie in with an OEM's imaging front-end and that feed's the scalable image processing compute nodes. SKY's scalable, smart architecture allows both data flow bandwidth and processing performance to be adjusted as the data acquisition demands increase and the image processing requirements evolve to meet ever-evolving application challenges.

These systems are based on the SMART System Architecture and industry-standard hardware, software, development tools and interconnects, providing all the "capabilities" critical to the success of an inspection application: scalability, flexibility, reliability, maintainability and (downtime is the nemesis of every inspection customer) high availability, which enables continuous 24-hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week operation.

In conjunction with the OEM, SKY also develops and conducts design verification tests to validate that an industrial inspection system meets its design goals. Outgoing acceptance tests, typically including the OEM's actual imaging application, are also developed for the run-time environment to ensure that production goals are met on an ongoing basis.

inspection systems Many industry leaders at the high-end have turned to SKY to discuss their inspection problems with electronic packaging, rolling stock, semiconductors, photomasks, reticles, etc. SKY continues to work with major industry OEMs solving complex, industrial yield management problems in a demanding 24/7 operation.


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