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The Quest for Portability and VSIPL

Developing a high performance multiprocessor application is seldom a simple task. Tools are needed to simplify development and provide the same levels of software portability found in personal computers. Portability is critical to the success of the project or program throughout its lifecycle to protect a company's software investment, and to ensure that applications easily move from one generation of hardware to the next. For the COTS community, long development cycles and even longer platform lifecycles make code portability critical. Emerging standards such as VSIPL, (Vector, Signal, and Image Processing Library) promises software portability across vendor modules and from vendor to vendor.

High performance embedded hardware vendors provide programmers with development environments that are specific to their hardware features. This may include shared memory functions, a multi-threading library, or a message passing communications library. The goal is to get the application running with minimum effort and maximum performance.

SKY Computers has made the investment to put these advanced tools including a vectorizing compiler, and powerful math libraries into their software development environments. For maximum developer productivity these advanced tools are contained inside the high-level VSIPL. This combination provides both performance and portability across hardware platforms since VSIPL is accepted as a standard by all vendors of multiprocessor embedded systems.


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