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TimeTrac Event Analyzer
The TimeTrac™ Event Analyzer is a dynamic software tool that assists software developers fine tune and debug real time multiprocessor and multicore processor applications. Flexibly designed, it can be used on systems varying from a few to hundreds of processors.

 By using TimeTrac, one can instrument the application to readily collect performance data during initial algorithm development through algorithm changes and system deployment. Histograms readily show minimum, maximum, and average compute times and how those times are clustered. One can also verify correct program operation by analyzing event relationships and eliminating race conditions. By putting TimeTrac in a overwrite mode, one can also isolate problems that may occur infrequently, perhaps hours after application start; problems that are very costly and difficult to diagnose without TimeTrac.

Easy to use with it's intuitive GUI and designed to be minimally intrusive, TimeTrac consists of two easy to use parts:

  • Application instrumentation: Simple, minimally invasive code linked with a SKY provided library.
  • Results viewing and analysis: Done off-line at the user's convenience.

Now available for Linux environments.

TimeTrac features include:

  • Non-intrusive -- Log minimal data directly to memory and then save to disk when the application is at a non-critical point.
  • Simple to instrument -- Minimum amount of application code that can be easliy compiled out of the final application..
  • Intuitive viewing controls -- Independent of your current IDE; no need to learn yet another integrated development environment.
Technical Details:  Data Sheet

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