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 Surveillance Radar Systems


Coastal and Border Surveillance Radar  Systems

        Sky Computers offers complete radar systems.

                 Tower, Vehicle, or Shipborne mounting options are available.

Radar System

  The radar hardware components and the processing system are state of the art technology, along with the systems and application software.  

   SKY’s Engineering Partners are experts in radar systems software the RF software elements.  SKY's systems provide  a high performance, modular system at a very competitive price. 

 The systems are standalone or fully networked, can be moved and be operational in less than an hour and are ruggedized for portability.

Custom programming options available.

          SKY’s Radar Systems feature:

  • Solid state coherent transmitter/receiver with 275 watts of power and pulse compression technology,advanced power amplifier design is more stable and accurate than older magnetron based systems.
  • Ruggedized for portable operation.
  • Mast mountable, can be installed and operational in 30 minutes or less. 
  • Optimized for remote, standalone operation.
  • Full network capability.
  • Auto mapping and GPS standard feature for creating graphical overlays.
  • Moving target indication ( MTI ) and tracking of small craft or vehicles.
               SKY high performance processors and operating systems.

Contact SKY Sales for availability of complete Radar System configurations                                               sales@skycomputers.com


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