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SMARTpac™ 1200 Compute Server

The revolutionary new SMART systems from SKY Computers® are the first high performance embedded computers built to enable quick application implementation and high application availability. The SMARTpac 1200, based on SKY's SMART Systems Architecture, combines widely accepted software, hardware, interconnect standards and open source software.

The SMARTpac 1200 is designed with high processor density and optimized for compute intensive, back-end data analysis and reduction typical in many signal and image processing applications The SMARTpac 1200 is a 3U compute server that can be configured with up to 12 uniprocessor or dual-processor SMP PCC AltiVec compute blades. In a full configuration, this system delivers an industry-leading density of up to 24 PCC AltiVec processors in a 3U space. To provide maximum inter-chassis configuration flexibility, the SMARTpac 1200 provides six 4x InfiniBand connections in the rear of the chassis. This powerful, high density processing system provides the compute power to process the most complex real-time algorithms.

SMARTpac 600 and SMARTpac 1200 Compute Blades

SMARTpac single processor and dual processor SMP compute blades are available for members of the SMARTpac family. Since the SMARTpac 600 and SMARTpac 1200 share an identical systems architecture, allowing the single and dual compute blades to be used in either the SMARTpac 600 or SMARTpac 1200. Both compute blades utilize the PCC 7447 1GHz AltiVec processor. Sixty-four MB of flash memory provides fast boot time by allowing the application to be pre-loaded in flash. Two GB of SDRAM is accessed over the 266 MHz local memory bus.

SMARTpac Systems Architecture

The SMART Systems Architecture consists of a development environment that provides quick application construction and refinement, and a runtime environment that enables high application availability. This system-wide architecture is designed to deliver high compute performance and interconnect bandwidth. Built on open source software and standard technologies such as Linux, InfiniBand, MPI, VSIPL and Corba, SMART Systems reduce development time and accelerate time to deployment.

The SMART Architecture is built with an intelligent fabric that can be configured to react to changes in its environment. By employing tightly integrated hardware and software components that continually monitor the health of the system the SMART Architecture enables high application availability. Combined with proven development tools and libraries, SMART Systems are high performance systems that are easier and less expensive to develop, deploy and maintain.

With the SMART Architecture, SKY can for the first time, give embedded developers the robustness, resiliency, and ease of integration provided by a standards-based, open software architecture. The SMART Architecture is based on two architectural tenants:

  • Standards-based environment provides a wide choice of tools and libraries giving developers true application portability and vendor independence.
  • Open source software makes developing embedded applications easier and more cost effective than ever before.

The SMART Development Environment includes standard integrated development environments, a SKY Optimizing Pre-Processor to optimize cache performance as well as math, and POSIX libraries. The SMART Runtime Environment provides a standards-based framework on which applications can be built to be highly available, with the ability to respond to changes within the system or the environment.

InfiniBand: High Performance and Superior Reliability

InfiniBand is the backbone of the SMART System architecture providing high bandwidth, very low latency to maximize system performance, system reliability, application resiliency, and high application availability. Built in security features and an adaptable network of continuous node discovery addresses hardware, software, and application errors by providing a self-reliant, self-repairing interconnect for the system. The serial technology used in InfiniBand provides performance that exceeds 3 GB/sec. InfiniBand technology is ideal for high performance embedded applications because it provides the low processor overhead, simplified network management, reliability, availability and serviceability, required for high performance computing applications. No other interconnect fabric is as robust. As a SMART fabric with supporting software, it provides high performance embedded users with high application availability which ultimately translates to lower cost of ownership and quicker deployment of embedded systems.

Reduced development and deployment risk are a primary requirement of today's mission-critical applications such as military and defense, homeland security, and software defined radio. SKY has taken the lead in addressing the demands of the embedded computer user for quick development and deployment of applications. By leveraging the unique capabilities of our intelligent system architecture SKY is the only company in the high performance embedded systems market able to meet these needs. SKY's SMART Systems family of embedded systems delivers the highest levels of reliability, availability, scalability, resilience and performance required to develop and deploy mission-critical applications into embedded environments.

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