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SMARTpac Health Monitoring and Management

The SMARTpac 600 Data Acquisition Server and SMARTpac 1200 Compute Server are high-performance, Linux-based, blade servers designed to solve a wide range of signal and image processing problems in markets such as military/defense, industrial inspection, healthcare, homeland security and software-defined radio. The SMARTpac Systems Family is based on SKY's standards-based SMART Systems Architecture which incorporates built-in system health monitoring and management functionality to maximize application availability and quality of service.

Areas monitored within a SMARTpac:

Chassis Status     Software Status
  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Fan Speed
  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Processes
Blade Status     Fabric Status
  • Voltages
  • Temperature
  • Transmit - Receives
  • Retries
A web-based interface and a robust API provides the vital links to system health status.

A health-monitoring user interface and a robust API provide the vital links to system health status. This allows for fault avoidance and maximum application availability.

SMARTpac 600 and SMARTpac 1200 employ integrated systems health monitoring and management functionality to continuously track the health status of the system hardware, middleware and software. A health-monitoring user interface provides an operator with the dynamic system view and "drill-down" capability from the rack-level, to the chassis-level, blade-level, and node-level. Actions can be issued remotely to isolate, reset, or power down system elements.

A robust API to this health monitoring functionality allows applications to monitor system health status and react to out-of-band system conditions. This vital link between the application and the system allows the application to continue to run, potentially in a degraded state, until the alert condition is rectified. Applications developed to this API can achieve unprecedented levels of application availability and quality of service.

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